NTDOY Breaks The High Set by Pokémon Go Hype

Nintendo (NTDOY) opened at $37.61 today, $0.24 cents above the hype of the Pokémon Go launch which sent the stock rallying to $37.37 last summer. But why is it a big deal for the Japanese video game company to be back up near last summer’s high?

The Pokémon Go hype never should have sent investors to buy up shares of NTDOY. Pokémon Go is not a Nintendo application; there isn’t a Nintendo logo to be found anywhere within the app itself. In a statement released by Nintendo last July they clarified this misunderstanding.

But even if you fell for the misguided investor hype of buying last summer, you may soon have a nice profit on your hands. Nintendo has had a very good year and there are no sign of them stopping.

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March 3rd of this year the big N launched their newest console the Nintendo Switch. The system has been a hit ever since, out selling it’s competition and selling out with retailers. On March 31st the Nintendo Switch had sold 2.74 million units. The system launched with an equally successful game title The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild. This combination has put Nintendo back on the minds of every gamer and profits back in the company’s treasure chest. This is just the beginning for the new console, more games including new 3rd party titles are rapidly approaching their release dates and the profits should continue.

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is next month and Nintendo will be showcasing their ‘Mickey Mouse’ of intellectual properties: Super Mario. Super Mario Odyssey is a Nintendo Switch exclusive due to launch this holiday season. Super Mario always brings the sales in from around the world, this new Mario game is sure to bring the profits. The company will also be showing off another IP exclusive, Splatoon 2 which has a large Japanese fan base and will launch this July. You can expect to hear more about these anticipated game and other plans Nintendo has in early June at the E3 conference. We expect the hype that comes from Nintendo at E3 will also help rally the stock.
mario and splatoon
Nintendo has also released three smart phone application games; that unlike Pokémon Go, they actually do own exclusivity to. There are also plans for more mobile apps on the way. The recent news of the Zelda mobile app has set the internet ablaze with people wanting to know more. Little is known about the Zelda app or how it will work or even if it will be profitable. There are fan theories, but Nintendo is very secretive about what the Zelda app will be. The Zelda app is due to release this year, but not before their Animal Crossing app. Little is known about both, and it will be interesting to see how Nintendo plans to monetize these mobile games.

After the investor hype and misunderstanding of the Pokémon Go fiasco, I won’t get caught up in the hype of a mobile app until I know more about it. And neither should you. We should know, who profits from the app? And how have they monetized it? I am long for NTDOY and I am very excited of their potential with the new console and mobile applications.

Disclosure: I/we have no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.
I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.
Editor’s Note: This article discusses one or more securities that do not trade on a major U.S. exchange. Please be aware of the risks associated with these stocks.


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Nintendo to give gamers the perfect reason to buy a 4K TV

NINTENDO’S new NX console could have a big say on whether you buy a 4K TV in the future.


More information supposedly connected with the Nintendo NX project has surfaced today, revealing more on what the new console could be like.

A list of new details have appeared on Reddit, from a verified Reddit user by the name of UntypedHero.

For those who want to know, the Reddit moderators of the board say they have been able to verify that the poster has got connections with Nintendo development.

According to this new report, the Nintendo NX will include a wide range of compatibility options and be able to handle ports of current-gen titles, although no specific stats were included.

One of the most interesting titbits of information given to us from UntypedHero concerns the NX’s potential to output games at 4K, which could prove as stiff competition for the promised 4K ready PS4 that’s also supposed to launch this year.

Here are the full details from the Reddit post:

• The retail name for the NX is unknown to developers (or they are holding back). I’ve asked multiple sources.
• I know of at least 1 third-party Wii U game that has/have been successfully ported to NX.
• Amiibo are still supported (if you hadn’t already guessed).
• Friend codes are still a thing (unfortunately).
• I don’t know when the NX will be announced. Speculation is this month.
• There are multiple “gimmicks” with the NX, one is optional.
• There are physical dev-kits out in the wild, I don’t have access to these.
• I don’t know the model of the GPU, however there is little doubt (from what I’ve been told) that it an AMD.
• The NX is capable of outputting 4k. Consensus is up-scaling and streaming.
• DDR4 Memory (between 6GB – 8GB).”

As with every rumor it’s still worth taking everything with a pinch of salt until Nintendo confirm these details themselves.

This follows news last week that the new-look revamped Playstation 4 and Nintendo’s secretive NX console will both release before Christmas.

That was the verdict of industry insiders after computer maker AMD announced custom chips for both machines were being prepared for 2016 releases.

Playstation is so far refusing to publicly announce its revamped PS4K machine – which is rumored to come with a new God of War game.

But leaks have suggested it will launch with double the graphics power of the current PS4 and 4K video capability.

That means images will be up to four times better than the current 1080p HD quality of most flat screen televisions.

This post was originally published on DailyStar.co.uk

Nintendo unveils new line of official amiibo diorama kits

AD 1

Why leave your inactive Nintendo heroes out on the shelf when you can give them a proper home?

Nintendo hit an absolute home run with its amiibo line. Before it was launched, skeptics wondered if gamers would be willing to buy one of the game-enhancing figurines, but the real question has turned out to be what collectors should do with the multiple amiibos they’ve purchased but aren’t currently using.

The easy answer is to stick them on a shelf, but is such a mundane space really the proper environment in which to display some of the most imaginative and iconic video game characters ever conceived? Nintendo itself seems to think not, and so the company’s Japanese division has announced that it will soon start selling amiibo diorama kits.

AD 2

AD 3

Two different kits will be initially available. Given the expansive crossover roster that shows up in Super Smash Bros., a diorama based on the multi-player franchise was an obvious choice for one of the inaugural offerings.

AD 4

AD 5

Not quite as versatile, but no less charming, is the Kirby diorama, a perfect home for the all-consuming hero plus his friends and adversaries.

▼ It even comes with a handful of props.

AD 6

AD 7

AD 8

AD 9

The dioramas can fold flat when not in use, with their respective series logos prominently displayed.

AD 10

Both are priced at 864 yen (US$7.75), a few hundred yen less than an amiibo figure will cost you in Japan, and go on sale April 28. If they prove to be as popular as the amiibos themselves have been, you can bet that we’ll eventually see Hyrule, the Mushroom Kingdom, and Planet Zebes added to lineup.

This article was originally posted on Rocket News

Nintendo Mobile: Miitomo, A Sign Of Things To Come?


  • Miitomo released in Japan and 1 million users signed up in the first 3 days.
  • Miitomo is unconventional and will be an excellent marketing tool if global downloads are strong.
  • We still need to see a traditional Nintendo game on mobile with proper monetization.


Nintendo’s(OTCPK:NTDOY) long anticipated first mobile app was released in Japan on March 17th. Miitomo, a social networking app, garnered over one million users in Japan within three days of launch. As I write this article, NTDOY is up 5.5% with the share price rise driven apparently by the bullish adoption figures and the clear power of the Nintendo brand in the mobile space. This is good news for NTDOY investors as the mobile strategy is in the very early phases and the pent up demand for Nintendo on mobile is massive.

What is Miitomo?

Miitomo is an odd thing– not really a game, and not really a proper social network either. The easiest way to explain Miitomo is that it is a new version of Tomodachi life with a larger potential user base and mobile phone connectivity.

You start by creating a Mii avatar and answering some random personal questions. You can add friends from your other social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Your avatar and your friends avatars interact and ask each other questions in sort of a “virtual life” simulation. Interactions earn you coins which you can spend on in game items like clothing or accessories for your Mii avatar.

Additionally, there is a pachinko like mini game which uses in game coins as well as a photo application that allows you to incorporate your Mii into real world pictures you take with your phone. Photos are stored on Nintendo’s servers and not on your phone. For more detail I strongly suggest you take a look at this article which has an excellent summary of the app.

In app purchases are free, but you can buy more coins with real world currency. Nintendo has stressed that users do not need to spend real world currency to get a full experience in Miitomo. This is good to hear as a predatory monetization strategy would surely limit widespread adoption of Nintendo’s mobile offerings.

How does Miitomo fit in with the broader mobile strategy?

Miitomo is an interesting choice for the first mobile application released. Tomodachi life was not a major success, but it sold reasonably well at +3 million units sold globally. There is potential for Miitomo to perform far better and reach a vastly larger audience given the app is free and available on iOS and Android to hundreds of millions of mobile phone users.

Purely from curiosity and familiarity with the Nintendo brand, many will download the app just to check it out. If the experience is interesting and offers enough social network “stickiness” some might even hang around and spend some money.

Miitomo will be successful at pulling in users to the Nintendo mobile ecosystem and will generate buzz in social media to increase awareness of future Nintendo mobile titles. In a sense, Miitomo is a marketing tool for Nintendo to lay the early foundation of their mobile strategy. I do not believe it will be a major contributor to revenues or profits, but if leveraged successfully when the big name mobile games are released, Miitomo will be the platform that drives the hype and generates consumer awareness.


Nintendo still needs to release an actual mobile game incorporating their primary IP. Miitomo feels like a small thing designed to help market the brand and build up an early user base. If one million users have already signed up in Japan, imagine what an actual Mario title will do if released into the mobile platform.

I remain very bullish about Nintendo as they are sitting on a gold mine of IP and backlog that will be incredibly profitable if they can execute an effective mobile strategy. The share price is up as of today, but there is still significant upside potential with the impending release of major information on the NX as well as the lineup of future mobile games. Expect major news around E3 in June which will certainly drive the share price higher.

The above article originally appeared on Seeking Alpha


Expect PS4K and Nintendo NX This Year

Much has been rumored about new consoles from Nintendo and Sony. Both Japanese companies have been secretive about their plans for their new game systems. In Nintendo’s case it’s the NX, a console that’s seen its fair share of speculation with everything from resolution and frame rate to well-orchestrated fake controllers. As for Sony, since GDC 2016 we’ve seen more than a few murmurs of a PS4K – allegedly a souped-up version of the PS4 for gaming at higher resolutions and for enjoying enhanced VR.

And while both companies have been quiet in the face of never-ending speculation, Nintendo being silent as it always is, and Sony’s executives preferring to tweet that they’re playing Dark Souls 3 in VR instead of tackling fan questions head on, the biggest indicator lies in their common partner, AMD.

According to the graphic giant’s latest financials, you can expect new consoles “in the second half of 2016.”

Now, while AMD hasn’t explicitly said who is launching what, its complete statement is as follows, as highlighted on NeoGAF:

“In our EESC segment, we had record shipments of our semi-custom SoCs powering the Playstation 4 and Xbox One game consoles. Demand for game consoles looks strong for 2016 and we remain on track to generate additional revenue from new semi-custom business in the second half of 2016. Game consoles — we see units going up 2016 to 2015. We’ve also said in the enterprise embedded and semi-custom segment that we will be ramping some new design revenue in the second half of 2016. We have new products being introduced in both the businesses with the new design wins in the second half on the semi-custom side.”

With Microsoft’s Phil Spencer quashing all rumors of an incremental Xbox One, that effectively rules it out. Considering that AMD’s chips have been powering all three consoles makers, it leaves both Nintendo and Sony with products to showcase.

This article was originally posted on Gadgets 360

How the fake Nintendo NX controller was made with a 3D printer

There’s no other way around it, people, we’ve been duped. Those pictures we posted of Nintendo’s supposed NX controller? Fake. Just intricate 3D constructs. While the first “leaked” image did look somewhat bogus, the second image appeared to be the genuine article. A trusted Nintendo insider yesterday claimed that the images in question were bogus but there was still uncertainty over whether or not these were actual pictures of the NX controller. Today, we know for certain this was all just an elaborate hoax, and those responsible for the images have come forth to reveal how they fooled the Internet.

The first image was created by a man named David Im, who has in the past made video game mock ups. Inspired by the patent leaks from last year, he created a 3D model of the NX controller and inserted that into a picture using Photoshop. He uploaded the video below to YouTube to reveal that it was all a hoax (while not so subtly making poking fun at people who believed it to be real). He also posted mockups of the controller on DeviantArt.

The next pair of images were created by Frank Sandqvist, who is the co-founder of CNC Design in Finland. The reason his fake looked so real is because it was an actual physical object created using a 3D printer. For the geeks out there, the 3D modeling tool used was the Fusion 360. The model was printed in black resin and acrylic. Below is a video of how he made his controller.

NX cont2

Sandqvist modeled his 3D model after Im’s, hence their similarities. Like Im, Sandqvist put tape over what was supposedly a hidden sensor in order to match the first fake. The “confidential sticker” was apparently taken from photos of real Nintendo development kits.

Both men explained they just wanted to have fun and weren’t expecting the images to cause such a stir. I find that last part hard to believe considering how hungry people are for any information regarding Nintendo’s upcoming console. Still, these men effectively got us. Even those who didn’t believe these controllers were real talked about them (or wrote about them in our case). But no harm was ultimately done, so at the end of the day, we applaud Im and Sandqvis for giving us something interesting to talk about.

We’ll leave you with this Vine by Tim Aza demonstrating how the controller would work if it was real.


The above article originally appeared on Geek.com here

The Long Case For Nintendo


  • Nintendo is coiled like a spring ready to jump.
  • The market has underestimated the NX and mobile offerings.
  • Nintendo is not currently in vogue and now is the perfect time to buy.

Elevator Pitch

Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) is extremely undervalued for the future potential contained within the Nintendo IP. Get in before the NX details are revealed in June and the stock spikes. Additionally, several big games are on the near-term horizon, including a new Zelda for the Wii U and the final reveal of the Nintendo DeNA mobile offering.

Thesis And Catalyst For Nintendo

Nintendo has long been thought of by the market as a company past its prime and headed for a dim future. I hope that this recap of the near-term horizon changes your mind.

While I agree that the past few years have not been kind to Nintendo with the missteps of the Wii U (an abysmal failure of a console due to shoddy marketing and poor timing), the future looks very bright. Nintendo has some of the most valuable and well-loved IP in the world tied up in its various franchises (Mario, Metroid, Donkey Kong, Smash Brothers).

The recent moves into mobile and the upcoming NX (new console) reveal scheduled for June/July will generate catalysts that have the potential to drive the stock price up based on hype alone. As a reference, the mere prospect of Nintendo entering the mobile space drove the share price from $14 up to $22 peaking in September at $25.

News on the first (underwhelming) mobile offering (Titled “Miitomo”) had many scratching their heads as the game seems to be more like a social network app than an actual “game”. Share price has steadily dropped since this news which you can see on the chart below.

NTDOY performance over last yearClick to enlarge

It is still not completely clear as to what Nintendo’s mobile game strategy is and it has been very tight lipped on details. I expect to see “freemium” or “free to try” offerings of a variety of games and potentially the opening up of the back catalog of Nintendo products from previous consoles. If Nintendo plays this hand correctly, it will be the top selling apps in a market that Nintendo had previously not touched.

The NX is also a bit of a mystery but I expect it will be a hybrid console/portable replacement for the 3DS and Wii U with more power and a “platform” of software that allows the same games to be played on the TV or remotely. There may even be some mobile integration which would further tie the NX as a true “Nintendo Cross” platform offering.

We should also see a new Zelda game in 2016 for the Wii U which will be a system seller building on the recent Wii U monster successes of Splatoon and Super Mario Maker. (Mario Maker is regarded by many critics as the best game of 2015)


Nintendo is about to turn the corner and is poised to jump back into the lead in the console/video game market if the mobile offerings hit big and the NX delivers on the hype.

There are two ways to play Nintendo from my perspective. Buy the stock now and hold until the NX and mobile offering reveals (sell the news) or purchase for the long term with the expectation that Nintendo will regain much of its lost footing in the home console market.

Personally, I intend to hold until the NX/Mobile reveals and have set a sale target price of $26 based on levels seen previously when the news of Nintendo IP going to mobile was first published.

If the stock does not achieve that level in June/July, I intend to hold long term if I agree with the technical direction and business strategy that Nintendo reveals.

Variant View

What could go wrong?

If the NX or mobile game offerings are VERY underwhelming, expect the market to mostly yawn and keep the NTDOY share price in the range of $12-16 with an upside of maybe $19-20.

The above article originally appeared on Seeking Alpha, written by Jimmy Lamz.

Miitomo Makes Storming Debut on iOS in Japan

miitomoMiitomo, as many reading this will know well, launched on 17th March in Japan. Nintendo and DeNA’s social app is certainly under pressure to deliver big download numbers, while shareholders will be watching closely to see what kind of revenue it and future apps will generate. A lot of that will be assessed in the medium to long term, but initial results are certainly promising. At launch Miitomo has become the number one social download on iOS in Japan – beating the mighty LINE – and the second most-downloaded free app – those trends have been the same on 17th and 18th March, as reflected in App Annie stats. The only app beating Miitomo in the overall free chart in Japan is the new Puzzle & Dragons entry from GungHo, which is hardly surprising considering the fact that the brand is a phenomenon in Japan.The reaction to the app and these early results is undoubtedly positive in Japan. Bloomberg quotes Atul Goyal, an analyst at Jefferies Group LLC, as saying the following.

This should remove any doubts about the Nintendo brand’s relevancy in the smartphone age. More than just a messaging tool, Miitomo can be a platform for distributing Nintendo content, and probably third-party content at a later stage.

Nintendo spokesman Yasuhiro Minagawa only provided a short statement.

We had a good start and have received very positive feedback. Miitomo will continue to evolve.

It’s undoubtedly a strong start for Nintendo and Miitomo, though the proof of its success will come over the next few weeks, ultimately; nevertheless a positive launch and early momentum (along with prominent store placement) is a notable boost.

We’ll keep an eye on how its chart placings progress in Japan and keep you posted. Do you think Miitomo will have a similarly impressive launch in the West?

[via appannie.com, bloomberg.com, nintendolife]

Nintendo NX Scheduled For Mass Production In 2016, Possible Holiday Launch?


Nintendo’s newest games console, code-named NX, looks set to enter mass production in Q1 of 2016, according to reports.

Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai), along with other upstream suppliers, expect to achieve 10-12M unit shipments, as opposed to Nintendo’s highly optimistic goal of 20M units.

With Tatsumi Kimishima’s recent comments about how NX is the next big leap and the “core focus of our business”, it seems all eyes will be on Nintendo to deliver.

Earlier this year, when Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY) began quietly releasing dev kits for the new Nintendo NX console, rumors swirled about a possible 2016 launch. It seems that now that theory has been proven valid as, according to electronics supply-side publication Digitimes, major suppliers such as Foxconn (OTC:FXCOF), Macronix, and Coxon Precise Industrial have verified not only that mass production for the Nintendo console will begin in 2016, but that Nintendo’s internal targets are 20M unit shipments for 2016 despite suppliers expecting only 12M at best. While a recent enlightening interview with President Tatsumi Kimishima for TIME magazine clarifies quite a few shareholder concerns and paints a positive outlook for Nintendo’s future, it would be negligent not to examine how Nintendo’s vision for the NX is truly shaping up.

Shipment Targets

First of all, there should be some cause for concern regarding the claim that Nintendo is preparing for such a large and successful release, and this is coming from a Nintendo bull such as myself. It seems the company is now putting all of its chips on the table, so to speak, in investing so much monetary and human capital into Project NX.

Judging from competitive and historical context, Nintendo’s targets seem highly ambitious and virtually unfeasible considering component suppliers have even stated they would not be able to meet Nintendo’s expected demand figures. In its first year of sales, Playstation 4 only surpassed 4.2M units, which is significant considering it is the most popular current-gen console on the market. Nintendo’s own massively popular Wii only sold 6.2M units in its first year, 2006-07, albeit the Wii did suffer from supply shortages. Perhaps the company could be preparing for such a similar situation, however, regardless of Nintendo’s ambitions, misplaced or not, suppliers have stated that the target of 20M initial shipments is just not feasible.

Source: Nintendo

Theorized Holiday Launch

There is now ample evidence that Nintendo is gearing up for a console launchin holiday 2016, i.e. Q4 2016. Virtually all of Nintendo’s first party developer branches have been closemouthed about any announcements as of late. Additionally, Texas-based Retro Studios, the studio behind Nintendo’s popular Metroid Prime series, along with other third-party developers have gone conspicuously silent on any Nintendo-related projects, suggesting that projects are underway what with the dev kits that Nintendo released back in October. Xenoblade Chronicles developer Monolith Soft also recently announced an“urgent mass recruitment” drive for artists and programmers, possibly in expectation of high levels of future demand. It seems Nintendo is trying to mirror the launch of the Wii, i.e. a holiday launch, high demand, pre-saturated third-party games market, etc. in direct contrast to the failed launch of the Wii U.

Source: Statista


It remains to be seen how the NX will perform on the marketplace, especially with tough competition from Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Sony (NYSE:SNE). Regardless, NTDOY seems to be in a prolonged bearish phase right now, and if you’re willing to bet on the success of the NX, the stock is relatively undervalued at $19.27 considering its expected earnings from the sales of its current generation products. Judging from technical analysis (Ichimoku strategy) however, it may be best to wait for a cheaper price as this sell-off has yet to subside.

(Source: TDAmeritrade)

Editor’s Note: This article discusses one or more securities that do not trade on a major U.S. exchange. Please be aware of the risks associated with these stocks.


Disney Teaming with Nintendo for Second e-sports Program

Walt Disney (DIS +0.6%) is keeping its toes dipped into the burgeoning phenomenon of e-sports, teaming up again with Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY +1%) for a second original show devoted to watching competitive videogaming.

The company’s Disney XD channel will air Clash of Karts: Mario Kart 8 Dec. 5, a one-hour special where four two-person child teams will compete with the help of “YouTube influencers” as coaches.

Disney says it saw some positive results from an Oct. 16 special based on the Nintendo World Championships, and is taking a more specific game tack with this one because the Mario Kart franchise is cross-generational and also lends a comedy element.

“With e-sports we’re seeing the growth of a new business,” Disney’s Marc Buhaj says. “We need to make sure that our game shows are appropriate to the folks watching. If we see a gaming opportunity that pops up, we’ll look at it.”

Elsewhere: As the company is moving toward a high-profile opening of its park in Shanghai, China has fined five fake Disney hotels that had set up in the area, for trademark infringement. The five hotels, all owned by Shenzhen Vienna Hotels Group, were penalized a combined 100K yuan (about $15,656).

The above article originally appeared on Seeking Alpha, written by Jason Aycook.