How the fake Nintendo NX controller was made with a 3D printer

There’s no other way around it, people, we’ve been duped. Those pictures we posted of Nintendo’s supposed NX controller? Fake. Just intricate 3D constructs. While the first “leaked” image did look somewhat bogus, the second image appeared to be the genuine article. A trusted Nintendo insider yesterday claimed that the images in question were bogus but there was still uncertainty over whether or not these were actual pictures of the NX controller. Today, we know for certain this was all just an elaborate hoax, and those responsible for the images have come forth to reveal how they fooled the Internet.

The first image was created by a man named David Im, who has in the past made video game mock ups. Inspired by the patent leaks from last year, he created a 3D model of the NX controller and inserted that into a picture using Photoshop. He uploaded the video below to YouTube to reveal that it was all a hoax (while not so subtly making poking fun at people who believed it to be real). He also posted mockups of the controller on DeviantArt.

The next pair of images were created by Frank Sandqvist, who is the co-founder of CNC Design in Finland. The reason his fake looked so real is because it was an actual physical object created using a 3D printer. For the geeks out there, the 3D modeling tool used was the Fusion 360. The model was printed in black resin and acrylic. Below is a video of how he made his controller.

NX cont2

Sandqvist modeled his 3D model after Im’s, hence their similarities. Like Im, Sandqvist put tape over what was supposedly a hidden sensor in order to match the first fake. The “confidential sticker” was apparently taken from photos of real Nintendo development kits.

Both men explained they just wanted to have fun and weren’t expecting the images to cause such a stir. I find that last part hard to believe considering how hungry people are for any information regarding Nintendo’s upcoming console. Still, these men effectively got us. Even those who didn’t believe these controllers were real talked about them (or wrote about them in our case). But no harm was ultimately done, so at the end of the day, we applaud Im and Sandqvis for giving us something interesting to talk about.

We’ll leave you with this Vine by Tim Aza demonstrating how the controller would work if it was real.

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