Disney Teaming with Nintendo for Second e-sports Program

Walt Disney (DIS +0.6%) is keeping its toes dipped into the burgeoning phenomenon of e-sports, teaming up again with Nintendo (OTCPK:NTDOY +1%) for a second original show devoted to watching competitive videogaming.

The company’s Disney XD channel will air Clash of Karts: Mario Kart 8 Dec. 5, a one-hour special where four two-person child teams will compete with the help of “YouTube influencers” as coaches.

Disney says it saw some positive results from an Oct. 16 special based on the Nintendo World Championships, and is taking a more specific game tack with this one because the Mario Kart franchise is cross-generational and also lends a comedy element.

“With e-sports we’re seeing the growth of a new business,” Disney’s Marc Buhaj says. “We need to make sure that our game shows are appropriate to the folks watching. If we see a gaming opportunity that pops up, we’ll look at it.”

Elsewhere: As the company is moving toward a high-profile opening of its park in Shanghai, China has fined five fake Disney hotels that had set up in the area, for trademark infringement. The five hotels, all owned by Shenzhen Vienna Hotels Group, were penalized a combined 100K yuan (about $15,656).

The above article originally appeared on Seeking Alpha, written by Jason Aycook.